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Home Décor

Our debut home décor collection: simple, timeless designs handcrafted in our Adelaide studio.

Palmer and Preston concrete candle holders displayed on a travertine table





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Palmer candle holder trio made from off white concrete
Palmer ribbed tealight candle holders displayed with a natural wood pillar candle holder
Palmer tealight candle holders as centrepieces for our taupe picnic package
Palmer candle holder trio on a taupe linen table runner
Palmer large and medium candle holders displayed with our Mason pillar candle holder and Hunter mini concrete pot
Palmer candle holders with lit candles displayed with dried palms and wooden candle holders
Palmer candle holders displayed on a stack of books in front of extra large palms in an irregular vase
Palmer candle holder trio displayed on a stack of books next to a natural wooden side table and our Preston candle holders
Palmer ribbed concrete candle holders with our Preston pillar candle holders displayed with lit candles on a travertine table
Close up photo of our off white Palmer concrete candle holders and our Preston scalloped candle holders
Palmer large and medium candle holders displayed with a boho vase filled with pampas
Palmer concrete candle holders displayed on a marble tray on a boucle ottoman
Detailed photo of our large palmer taper candle holder showing its ribbed texture and concrete finish
Palmer medium taper candle holder in detailed shot showing ribbed texture
Palmer tealight candle holder in off white concrete

Introducing our Palmer Trio - a harmonious set of candle holders designed to elevate your home and create a serene ambiance. This carefully curated collection features three exquisite candle holders, with a soft ribbed texture, bringing a touch of modern elegance to any space.

While each candle holder from our Palmer Trio possesses its own unique beauty, they truly shine when displayed together as a set. Alone, they bring a touch of elegance, but when arranged together, they create a captivating ensemble that enhances the overall aesthetic of any room.

Embrace the versatility of this collection and curate a captivating display that reflects your unique style.



Tealight - 6cm L x 6cm W x 5.6cm H (Hole diameter: 38mm)

Medium Taper - 6cm L x 6cm W x 8.2cm H (Hole diameter: 20mm)

Large Taper - 6cm L x 6cm W x 12.5cm H (Hole diameter: 20mm)

Colour: Off white

Material: Concrete


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